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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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dozens killed in this explo attack at the airport. no one has claimed responsibility yet.. but tonight the prime minister turkey says: all signs poin isis. and andria borba repo. a flight from the bay area n its way to istanbul right n one flight from istanbul to was already in the air when attack happened, but for qua while, there was a questionf this evening's flight to istanbul would ever take off. from a camera perched high inside the ataturk airport you can see the flash of a that left at least 36 people dead. nats three attackers armed with guns, grenades a suicide vests entered the international terminal. from newspath 37.03 people were shooting on one side and the all ran the other way and tn the bombs went off, people started running the other w and there was more shootings in the u-s, the f-a-a put an immediate ground stop on all flights to and from istanbut the turkish airlines counte sfo -- confusion reigned foa while -- as passengers on t daily, direct flight waitedo see if the ground stop to t third busiest airport in eu - a major hub -- would be ld in time. jana seidnath\traveling to germa i'm not even suf
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the flight will go there to i don't know if they will cl it. i don't know anything sr senaid tudvineic\headed to sarajevo i don't know. i don't know. i don tn want to think about it, bec i so don't want to stay in istanbul the flight left ju few minutes late -- as the a lifted the ground stop justn time. nats turkey it's belid the bombers showed up to atk in cabs. tonight -- though there are questions about t common,public spaces in airports. jeff harp, kpix5 security analyst and former special agent in charge of e san francisco office says t front doors of airports have long been a security concer jeff harp\kpix5 security ant the staging arer your bags, the front of the airport, it's very accessib- that's where the taxis dropu off, that's where the taxisk you up. i know there's been conversations about trying make that area more sterilen it already is, although it't that sterile right now. it'a very vulnerable area for all airports across the world this shares similarities wi the attack in belgium in mah --
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and our security analyst and former fbi agent spoke at a security conference in europe and said that the front entrances to airports have been wrong a concern. >> it is very accessible. that is where the taxis drop you off or pick you up and there have been conversations about making these areas more sterile than they are, and they are not sterile right now. it is a is a very vulnerable area for all airports across the world. >> and this was similar to an attack on belgium in march. >> has democratic leader nancy pelosi said we will offer all appropriate assistance to the people of turkey, a key ally in responding to this lilacs. >> and an ice is propaganda
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video, sources tell us the shots of san francisco in the vehicle - - video were not recently filmed. the video call for attacks on san francisco and las vegas, showing iconic landmarks including the golden gate bridge. they also praised the orlando may club shooter. >> california is one step closer to legalizing recreational marijuana, the measure is going on the ballot this november, and supporters gathered more than 600,000 signatures, nearly twice the number needed to qualify for the ballot, and if it passes, adults 21 and older would be able to purchase and hours - - ounce of marijuana at license outlets and growth up to six plants for personal use and marijuana sales would also be taxed at 15%, city officials estimate the revenue could top of $1 billion each year. >> shots fired at san jose
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state and one man is dead and the government is on the loose. betty is near the campus with more on the minutes tonight. >> reporter: san jose police shut down 11th street behind me for most of the day for this but - - for this investigation. the reopened it one hour ago and they are still looking for a shooter and emotive. to a man was shot to death one block from san jose state university and another was hit and in local condition tonight, there were both found in a car although police would not confirm whether or not that minivan was involved. detectives took photos and put evidence markers around it. >> we were making lunch. there were five or six really quick pops. since it is the fourth of july we thought it was fireworks. but there was something about it, a crisp sounds to it. >> david lives around the corner to that shooting. >> it was unnerving to feel
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that someone was just shot nearby just right over your fence. it sounds - - it sounds like a clichi but this step does - - this kind of thing does not happen here. >> reporter: gunfire went off on creek road and the shooting does not appear to be connected to any homes on the street. >> san jose police do not have a description of the shooter but they do have several witnesses that they are still talking to, and they have some video to work with as well. reporter emily turner tells >> grief tonight for a pair of bay area fathers, their wives and children were killed in a horrific crash in southern california. the fathers tried desperately to rescue their families. >> a family trip ended in
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flames this morning. >> i've never seen anything this bad in my 10 year career. >> two mothers and four children died. the father airlifted to the hospital after trying to save the family from the burning van. so we had to pull him away from the vehicle. obviously he wanted to help his family. we had to keep them away. >> an officer and his partner rushed to help the fathers. all they could do was comfort the two distraught men and try to keep them safe. >> i cannot describe what it was like. it was horrific. >> one family lives in daly city and the other in the visitation valley neighborhood of san francisco and the families were two distraught and did not talk to us. tsp said it happened this morning when the minivans, into
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a minor accident and a portion of the van was in the lane. a semi driver told chb he had not been able to stop it. the surviving fathers remain in the hospital tonight. turn trash, into treasure. on friday, someone shot this pickup truck on highway fou : there have >> and a string of freeway shootings, a lawmaker says we need to turn trash into treasure. there have been 20 shootings along 480, 680, and 22. they seem to some of them if i i said some of the money should be redirected to fund highway safety technologies.
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the city council approved a $100,000 plan to install security cameras along highway number four. >> dog owners are keeping an eye out for praise and meatballs after some reports on social media. in the past, meatballs such as these have turned up at dark parts across the city. now there are reports they have turned up in dubose park and one of the dogs may have died. was posted alerts on local blogs and on twitter, warning dog owners to keep an eye out for those meatballs. >> it is terrible. i watch where she goes and i watch which he picks up. she doesn't eat everything like other dogs may. >> this has been a problem for several years now but no one has been caught. a wildfire is burning out of control. it started this afternoon and more than 300 acres have burned. 400 homes are threatened.
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steve has the latest on the firefight. >> tonight this is a look at the trail fire at dartmouth. this is the orange glow firefighters will be monitoring overnights. and it broke out around 2:00 this afternoon. there is concern that the homes around it were in danger. six caretakers and a helicopter were used to stop the spread of the fire. a number of families are under mandatory evacuation orders and some are staying in a local shelter overnights. no homes are immediately threatened but of course firefighters will be watching those hotspots overnights. >> and hillary clinton will be back in the bay area tomorrow, she has been racking up high profile endorsements from the tech community and today she rolled out her agenda, calling for high-speed internet in every household by 2020,
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supporting that - - net neutrality and more money for computer science and engineering education. >> we should not be surprised that her initiative looks like a love letter to silicon valley, she has raised a lot of money down there and has made many trips. >> she points out the timing also is significant, coming on the same day as the final house report on the benghazi attack. smile tomorrow clinton is holding a luncheon in san francisco and to get prices are 500 dollars up to $27,000. >> tire shops all around the bay area have ripped off customers and tonight we have the findings of the undercover investigation. >> imagine coming face to face with an active shooter. tonight joe get a firsthand look at what some of the bay area police are being taught
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differently in this kind of situation. >> sharks with cameras, all in the pacific, tonight, the grade white mystery in the middle of the ocean. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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we're hearing from the cyclt caught in the middle. randall dietel recorded this cell phone video this after. he says he was standing in e avenue, a case of road rage, on camera tonight and we are hearing from the cyclist who was caught in the - - in the middle. and he was standing in the bike lane on golden gate avenue. and he was using the lane illegally according to drivers. a motorcyclist - - motorcyclist approached and hit him, knocking the phone to the ground. see the city needs to be focusing on making it safe for people who are eight up to 80 years old to cycle and around the city. so the motorcyclist has not
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been caught. if he is found he could face assault charges. >> if you have ever been worried about getting ripped off when you take a car in for service, you he may have been right if you went to firestone. an investigation found a lot of bay area customers were taken for a ride. >> reporter: bonnie has been coming here for the last six years. she didn't know that the tire shop has been under investigation for fraud. >> i don't know enough to be sad - - savvy if they were overcharging me. >> the store has been overcharging a number of the customers. bill thomas says that over two years, investigators discovered a disturbing trend. >> unnecessary charges for
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services that were not performed. significant over sale. >> then the bureau, an anonymous tip from a former employee, alleging the fatwas not only here but i firestone's all over the state. >> we had prepared undercover vehicles and it was at 35 to locations across the states. >> 21 stores engaged in fraudulent practices such as overcharging, including seven locations in and around the bay area and now the attorney general has drafted an accusation against each store, seeking to revoke their licenses to do business in california. a spokes person said that bridgestone immediately launched an investigation. bridgestone implemented corrective actions. state officials say there is only one way to make sure you do not get ripped off next. you always ask questions if you
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are not sure what they are explaining to you. >> and if you own a volkswagen, this is what you need to know, these are the car models that were illegally rigged to perform better on missions tests. manufacturers sold 11 million of them and it will cost the automaker $14.7 billion to either buyback or pay to repair these cars and that money will also help to fund environmental research in the united states. the ceo said in a statement quote we know that we have a lot of work to do in order to earn back the trust of the american people. police made three arrests outside of the senior center, a 25-year-old was arrested in san jose yesterday along with a pair of teenagers from union city. officers say they are all in a gang appeared the trio is
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suspected of killing a 28-year- old man last month. he was found shot to death outside the senior community center while a first communion reception was being held. he was a member of a rival gang. after a string of police shootings in san francisco and accusations of excessive force, the department is reforming training programs. what would that look like? that is what joe wanted to know. >> training on the simulator, it does not take long to see just how chaotic peace - - police work can be. in this scenario, they have an active shooter. no doubt about it, this job is dangerous but here at the academy we've been told the
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training for that job is different now. >> the last time i was in the training room it was made clear that the suspect may require the full force by the police officer. that has not changed but the training is more nuanced now and they don't have to resort to lethal force quickly, they can take cover, they can negotiate, the tone of voice has a lot to do with de- escalation. >> it has been a rocky year for the department. is have shot two different suspects and a woman driving a car. the police chief resigned. and all officers have been ordered to undergo extensive training and retraining. >> we are in a new era and students are paying more attention. >> even at the firing range, officers now do much more. they trained to use less lethal
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way - - weapons like a beanbag gun or this co2 cartridge. de-escalation training is prioritized and offices are instructed to give the suspect more time and space before resorting to lethal force. they are expected to try harder to negotiate whenever it is possible. they are walking a difficult line of training for peace as you know, and protecting themselves and the public. fin. check it out. the camera was >> a great white shark mystery, we are seeing the new video, a camera developed by scientists for the monterey bay aquarium and research institute and the goal is to film what happens in the white shark cafi, this is halfway between mexico and
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hawaii with little food or plant life, researchers believe they gather each year to meet. >> it is common to see these juvenile white sharks. in may and in june our big females come in to drop off pipes in northern baja and that the area would extend up into southern california. sue sue the sages have a a test cameras to sharks before but only for a few days at a time. the new camera attaches for several months. >> i cannot wait to see the footage from that. >> they call it the white shark cafi? really? i am staying out of there. >> mostly clear skies except at the shoreline along the bay area after a fairly warm day of 99 degrees. in general, temperatures were down by about 12 degrees today. we will get more cooling right
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now and those storms - - 73 degrees right now in santa rosa. a mild night in the bay area, temperatures are falling into the middle 50s. before 6:00 we will see some clouds and sun near the shoreline but the high pressure is still over the four corners and the low pressure will dig south and as it comes this way it will increase the onshore please - - breeze. a slow cooling trend will continue and we will get closer to the seasonal averages by later in the week. tomorrow we are getting somewhat close in some locations. san francisco is 64 degrees and in morgan, 92 degrees. 84 degrees in san jose, 71 degrees in hayward and union city and over the quarter, members will be in the low 90s tomorrow and that is a good step in the - - in pittsburgh up in the north bay, 83 degrees
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for petaluma, still cooler than it was a few days ago. in sausalito, locales on the shoreline but in the end it is not making influence near clearlake which will be 100 degrees again tomorrow. we will be looking for the numbers to come down and slowly subside until they get to a positively chilly 90 degrees and around the bay we will have some low clouds. all good news, a nice round of 90s. >> tonight, apple is working on technologies to shut down a key feature on your iphone. >> and the guests on the late show coming up with stephen colbert, max. ,,
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the company filed for a patt on an app that can shut offr phone's camera remotely. it's intended to prevent i-e users from recording concer and movies illegally. criti are worried law enforcement could use the technology to infringe on first ammendment rights. but some performerse made it clear: they *don't* want fans recording their s. the a's and giants went pas1
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o'clock in the wildest gamef the year.. as yogi aint over it's it?? find out next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> ,,
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tonight at the sports report coming up next. >> program it is wilest game in babe ruth series history tonight, where they were trying to make it two straight other the giants. after missing a month with the broken thumb, they're leading 4- 3 in the sixth and oakland pinch hitter comes through with a two base hit. bottom inning, it is tied at 5 with the bases loaded brandon triples to left center to bring all three runs in and the giants lead by three. it is over. not with the san francisco bull pen. it is 8-6 in eighth. there goes jake. that's gone. the giants then hit two home runs in bottom of the ninth, back to back but they still come up on the short end, 13-1. the a's sweep the first two and now it is on to oaklandment let's win this. sad news today as pat summitt
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has pass add way at the age of 64 after a battle with al i'mer -- al i'mers. she won eight national titles and won nearly 1100 games in 38 years as the volunteers head coach. usf coach said she admired her when she was the star player at stanford. . >> the way her teams played and howard they played motivated me as a player so as we were building the program at stanford, tennessee was model. it is where everybody aconspire today be. for her to have had success since she started it program. i don't know that anyone will ever match that. >> and more sad news to report, legendary football coach, buddy ryan pass add way at the age of 85. he coached for 25 years, really known for this super bowl win,
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his 46 defense. he was the ark tech of the defense. he was not the head coach and that photo created controversy because he was being carried off by his defense. the head coach was mike who was barely being carried off on the other side of the field. >> who it was quarterback. >> jim mcman. line baker, single tear. >> refrigerator. very good. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. late show with steven next. >> highlights of the bay bridge, game two. >> stephen: hi, i'm stephen colbert. and welcome to late show legend testers. tonight we're going to prove that you can drop an ordinary penny off of a new york skyscraper and it won't hurt anyone. >> good day, ma'am. >> ooo! >> tonight, stephen welcomes tom brokaw. sara and erin foster. and a musical performance by bibi bourelly. featuring jon batiste and stay human.


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